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Donate to Action today!

At Action our vision is really quite simple – for the amazing people we work with to achieve extraordinary things. With your support we can build a brighter future for people less fortunate than ourselves. Take a look at what a donation of £5, £10, £15 or £20 could mean for Action and then click the link to our Virgin Money page to make a donation.

£5 for their future

Our young people want to learn and build for the future. Providing them with a bus pass can be a big step in getting them to college each day.

£10 ID for jobs or housing

If you’re applying for jobs, education or housing, you need some form of ID. £10 can provide someone with a copy of their birth certificate.

£15 basic living needs

Many of our customers come to us with little or no possessions.  Help provide basic essentials such as toiletries, a food pack or bedding.

£20 Life Skills

Childcare is often a struggle for our customers, meaning they cannot attend important classes that will set them up to live independently.

Give as you Live!

Another way that you can support Action is through Give as you Live. You will raise FREE funds for us each time you shop online, simply click the banner below to find out more!

Young People

The young people that we support face many challenges in rebuilding their lives, they have often left the family home for a wide range of reasons and have nowhere else to turn. One of the main aims for our young person’s projects is to help these young people get into a position where they can live independently and build themselves a future. Donating today can support our young people in many different ways, from providing travel passes to allow them to attend college, providing suitable clothing for them to wear to job interviews, providing life skills sessions in teaching them how to live independently or simply to provide essential items that will help them move into their first independent home, such as pots and pans or bedding.

Adult Services Users

The people that come through our projects for adults are often facing a wide range of challenges in their lives, donating to Action today can help provide them with the simple things that can help them get back on track and rebuild their lives. One of Actions key aims is to help the people we support reach their full potential in life. Providing these people with the right ID, travel passes and suitable clothing for job interviews and education can be the first step to them achieving their potential and ultimately living and working independently. With your help today, we can set these people back on track to a fully independent life.

Another way to donate…

Donating money to Action is not the only way to support us! Why not donate your time and volunteer with us, it’s a great way to give back and support our services that are always on the lookout for volunteers!