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At Action our vision is really quite simple – for the amazing people, we work with to achieve extraordinary things. With your support, we can build a brighter future for people less fortunate than ourselves.

The people that come through our projects for adults are often facing a wide range of challenges in their lives, donating to Action today can help provide them with the simple things that can help them get back on track and rebuild their lives. One of Action’s key aims is to help the people we support reach their full potential in life. Providing these people with the right ID, travel passes, and suitable clothing for job interviews and education can be the first step to them achieving their potential and ultimately living and working independently.

There’s another way to donate…

Donating money to Action is not the only way to support us!

Why not donate your time and volunteer with us, it’s a great way to give back and support our services that are always on the lookout for volunteers.

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