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Report a Repair

As landlord of your property, Action are responsible for carrying out a large proportion of the repairs to your home, but there are some repairs that Action are not responsible for.  Please check your occupancy agreement if you are unsure which repairs you will be responsible for.

Action are responsible for (excludes customer damage):

  • All structural concerns
  • Windows and doors
  • Electrical / heating / gas / plumbing
  • General wear and tear

You could be charged for a repair if:

  • Action attend for a repair and you are not in
  • The repair is deemed to be customer damage

Repairs can be logged with our maintenance department on 01709 821251 option 1, between 9am – 4pm from Monday to Friday. Alternatively you can request a user name and password for MyTenancy through your Housing Officer and report this yourself.

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All repairs will be dealt with within 28 days unless it is deemed more urgent, such as:

  • Flooding / major leak
  • Unsafe / unsecure property

Out of Hours

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer an urgent repair out of office hours, please contact our team on 0800 0756699, who will instruct the relevant contractors to attend. If the team believe that this is not urgent then it will be logged and brought to the attention of the maintenance team the next working day.

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