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Complaints and Compliments

Action encourages and values all feedback whether it’s good, bad or even just an observation as it helps us to continuously evaluate and improve the services we provide. We want to make sure that we quickly put anything right where we have made a mistake or let our staff know when they have performed particularly well.

Customers, or anyone else who is affected by Action’s services, can provide feedback by telephone: (01709) 821251 or by e-mail: info@actionorg.uk.

If it is a complaint, we will try to resolve it immediately. However, it will be thoroughly investigated and we will keep in touch to provide regular updates about the progress and results of the investigation. We aim to complete this within 28 days.

If it is felt that the response isn’t sufficient, a request can be made for the complaint to be reviewed. A member of the Senior Management Team will carry out a review and make arrangements to discuss the complaint further before aiming to provide a formal response within 14 calendar days.

If there is still no resolution, an Independent Panel will meet to review all of the information, and make a decision as to whether to uphold the complaint or not.

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