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Charity Hitchhike for Domestic Abuse Victims

Charity Hitchhike for Domestic Abuse Victims

A few months ago a group of students from the University of Sheffield set out on a charity hitchhike to Split, Croatia. They did so as part of ‘Bummit’, which is part of the Sheffield Students Union and is a student run organisation that has taken groups of brave students on adventures throughout Eastern Europe to places including Budapest, Bucharest, Zadar, Tallinn and Riga. Throughout their 15 years they’ve raised more than £800,000 for various charities, a great achievement!

This year they were aiming to raise money for six different charities within South Yorkshire, with Action being one of the lucky charities to be chosen. The students successfully made it all the way to Split in one piece and they recently announced the final totals for this year’s Bummit, raising a very impressive £37,058.82. This means that Action have received a donation of £6176.47!

The money raised has been donated to Action’s Sheffield Domestic Abuse Services and will go a long way in providing a variety of different kinds of support to our customers. The victims and survivors that we work with often struggle to move forward due to a lack of finance and the ability to do what might seem simple to others, for example accessing child care or travel expenses so that they can attend vital support sessions. We often take for granted our civil liberties and freedoms, many of our customers who have been controlled in an abusive relationship may have forgotten what this feels like, having perhaps not had a bank account or mobile phone in their own right for many years.

The money raised through Bummit will help us to support victims to re-establish a new life through paying for things like new forms of identification, which will enable them to open a new bank account or set up utility bills for example and help reinstate an independent future. Thank you Bummit! These are just a couple of example of how the money raised by Bummit will go a long way to helping victims of domestic abuse to get back on their feet and move on with their lives. If you want to find out more about the support that we have on offer for victims of domestic abuse then please click here.

For more info on the great work that Bummit are doing, head over to their website by clicking here.